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Yet another great attraction surrounding Southern Cove Apartments! Just 2.5 miles away will bring you to the Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI), with 400 hands-on exhibits about space, “challenging your senses”, the human body, the future, and “How Our World Works”!

It is an outstanding place to bring your kids, where they can have fun and learn at the same time. In fact, The New York Times says it is “a playground where children’s creativity can run wild.”

Temple Terrace Museum Featured Exhibit

Today we will focus on the “Welcome to the Future” exhibit, as it has many interesting aspects that may get your child passionate about science.

In the Welcome to the Future exhibit, you can create anything imaginable through the revolutionary world of 3D Printing. This includes live demonstrations, hands-on 3D printing, and a close-up at how 3D printing technology works, how it is used, and the amazing possibilities for the future shown sector by sector:

The first sector we’ll cover in this post is medicine. In the 3D Medicine section, you will be able to view 3D-printed medical objects, 3D-printed body parts and prosthetics, and learn how it’s changing the world of modern medicine.

Further, there is 3D Science & Technology, where you can explore how its aiding scientists and researchers working in some of the most dangerous places on Earth. You will also learn how 3D printing is being used to help solve crimes, build cars and houses, along with sending replacement tools to astronauts in space.

With 3D Archeology, MOSI is partnering with the University of South Florida’s Alliance for Integrated Spatial Technologies. You will learn how this futuristic technology is being used to preserve our past as well as how ancient sites and artifacts are re-constructed in vivid detail. It will also show how scientists are using 3D printing and scanning to advance our understanding of ancient civilizations.


In 3D Fun, you will discover 3-D printed musical instruments, toys, fashion and jewelry. This section will illustrate the modern conveniences that 3D printing can provide in the future, like printing a replacement part for a dishwasher or an extra place setting at the dining table for unexpected company. It also shows how the fashion industry creates stunningly innovative and customized items including clothing, jewelry and accessories that are made just for you.

There are even more exhibits in this 3D printing section, not to mention all of the other categories out of the scope of this post!

Adventurous Experiences in Temple Terrace

We at Southern Cove Apartments love MOSI because it brings such depth and culture to Temple Terrace and broader Tampa areas. With all the other attractions here (some outlined in other posts in this blog), you really can find fulfillment living in an apartment in Temple Terrace.

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